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Stress Mastery Workshop

A four-hour program delivered in one-hour segments on four separate days.

Who Can Benefit

Teens and their parents; young adults



We come to you!


Lisa & Heidi

Our Stress Mastery Workshops are tailored to each group of participants, but the goal is the same: to craft a new stress story and to share tools that help people meet challenges with mindfulness and resilience.


Working with younger audiences means we can introduce them to the idea that occasional, short-term stress is not the enemy. This kind of stress can actually fuel positive change! It’s when stress becomes chronic or overwhelming that problems can arise.


Our workshops equip teens, parents, and young adults with techniques that keep them out of the chronic stress cycle. The earlier a person begins to practice living mindfully, the easier it is for them to call on these tools in the face of life’s inevitable challenges and struggles. In fact, it becomes automatic.

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