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Health & Wellness Coaching

A series of 6 to 12 private sessions.

Who Can Benefit

Anyone dedicated to making positive changes related to their health and handling life's challenges.



Somers Trust Psychological Associates, 873 Turnpike Street, North Andover, MA



Heidi Kelleher


Heidi Kelleher, a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner/nurse coach and certified Stress Mastery Educator, brings 35 years of nursing experience to her compassionate coaching practice. In her eyes, health and wellness coaching is both “an art and a science.” She is as comfortable addressing issues around psychiatric and medical diagnoses as she is with guiding clients in making desired lifestyle changes using established coaching strategies while also incorporating stress mastery techniques.

This is especially critical today when so many people are seeing multiple medical specialists and yet still are not living their fullest lives. Heidi sees you as the expert and is there to facilitate goal setting and to serve as your guide as you work toward achieving these goals. 

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