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Stop reacting to life's challenges and

start enjoying life's moments.


"Without realizing, I allowed stress to become the driver in my life. I gained weight, experienced aches and pains and was sad all the time. Once I decided to make myself a priority, I came across Do East and, through their programs, I learned how to fully embrace the concept of mindfulness and handle stress."  AM

Stress is not a disease or disorder.

It is an experience we have with certain circumstances of our lives. Imagine changing the way you view stress. 

What if you saw it as energy for fueling positive change in your life? 
What if you became the
MASTER of your stress?

Stress can work for you instead of against you.
Together, we'll explore how stress impacts the brain and the body, while helping you understand your unique relationship with stress. You will then learn our evidence-based techniques to stop instinctively reacting to challenges in your life and start mindfully responding instead.


Our Offerings

This workshop with both Lisa and Heidi equips teens, parents, and young adults with techniques that keep them out of the chronic stress cycle. The earlier a person begins to practice living mindfully, the easier it is for them to call on these tools in the face of life’s inevitable challenges and struggles. In fact, it becomes automatic.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is rooted in the integration of Buddhist teachings and yoga studies and assists participants in cultivating mindful awareness and living. During this eight-week journey with Lisa, she helps participants better manage stress, pain, challenging situations, and difficult emotions.

Health & Wellness Coaching

As an integrative nurse coach, Heidi blends her diverse nursing background, coaching expertise and stress mastery skills to help clients manage stress with grace and ease. Through a series of private sessions, she will guide clients in making desired changes aimed at improving health, wellness and resilience.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Through guided individual or group sessions with Lisa, practitioners will learn the principles of mindfulness meditation—a specific type of meditation that helps people of all ages and walks of life bring more presence to their daily living. 

Practice Areas
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